2018 FIFA World Cup

I love the FIFA World Cup event!!
It was my first time to Russia, and it was great.
Met a lot of football fans from all over the world, had fun together. I really had a good time

Communication with the locals was difficult due to their poor English. On top of that, Russia is not a “football” country yet….
I thought Russia will be more mordern, still a lot of old cars in the streets, and I had a small black & white TV (even not a flat screen) in my hotel room…

Apart from the game ( France vs Denmark 0-0) We ( my oldest son and I) had time to visit a few sites:
* The Moscow space museum where we saw a replica of the MIR station, the ” capsule” Youri Gagarine used to come back on earth, and different Russian satellites.
* Moscow subway, famous for its depht, its multiple stations well decorated (but old subway trains…)
* the Red Square, with the Kremlin and its world biggest canon and bell (see photos).
Overall we had a good time in Moscow
You can see the difference between the richs and.. the less fortunate….

I was told? St Pet is much nicer than Moscow…. Well, not obvious from me. The people from Moscow don’t like the people from St Pet, and vice versa…..
I saw the game France vs Argentina at the Fan Zone, it was very cold, but enjoyed France victory celebration with the Braszlian fans….
I was told? when I am in St Pet to visit the Hermitage museum. I am not a fan of Museum, but I decided to go. Good choice, it is really amazing
Even if it was mid-June, it was cold, around 10C and windy….