2022 New Year’s Eve in Dubai

This trip was great, for a week, live with the rich, the very rich people of the UAE and from all around the world. What a change coming from India….
The weather was nice, not too hot, and saw what I did not see during my last trip, 5 years ago….
Dubai and Abu Dhabi are so different!!!
Dubai, the Extravagance, THE place to be to show off, the place where $$$$$$$$$$$$$ roll like dices… It is never enough, always more crazy projects….
Abu Dhabi is much quieter, more conservative, more family oriented…. less tourists…. less vibes….

If don’t like rich people, don’t come here…..

* Image 1-2
Drones show at the Marina Bay Wheel. That was great. 2 different shows, 1 at 8pm and 1 at 11pm
* Image 3-4
Firework at the Marina Bay Wheel. Even if it was the “number third” firework after the Khalifa and Palm Island one, it was still good.
* Image 5-6
Lot of flowers at the Magic Garden
* Image 7-9
The Pointe, the Atlantis, and Dubai Marina Bay. Went at the palm hotel terrasse (54th floor) during day and nighttime. Amazing view!!!
* Image 10-13
The Khalifa tower light show. 1,200,000.00 LED lights and, I guess a very good SW to make this show. Absolutely Fantastic!!

After the firework, to go back to the subway for the hotel…… was very very crowded. But, most people were disciplined, so, it was not too bad.
The cost to see the firework at the Khalifa tower, $800 per person. Sorry, way too expensive cry

Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Just one comment:
The most impressive and beautiful mosque I have even seen!!!
And the visit is free!!


Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace

No one lives in this palace, it is “only” a offices palace. It was built to ” impress” the world leaders coming to the UAE.
Mission Accomplished!!!!!!
The last photo was taken from the Conrad hotel 74th floor observation desk. It shows how big is it

I could not get o office for me…..cry

The Emirates Palace Hotel

I was told, while in Abu Dhabi, to go the Emirates Palace Hotel.
This hotel costed 3 billions to built!!!!
* The white sand from the private beach comes from Tunisia, Africa.
* All ceiling decorations are made with pure gold sheet…….
* This is the only hotel in the UAE that can accept big yachts. See on the photo my new yacht!!!!
* And, if you visit this hotel, you MUST drink the hotel specialty.
A cappuccino with 23K gold ships (see big photo)
The last photo shows the hotel from the observation desk of the Conrad hotel at the 74th floor
The 23K gold chips in the cappuccino don’t add anything to the taste, just to the bill…..