48 Hr in Bahrain (January 5-6 2023)

Beijing, China Skyline

Bahrain is well known for “its Tree of Life” that is over 400 years old and stand in the middle of the desert, without any rational explanation… (big photo from Google. I did not want to drive 40 Km/28mil to see a tree…)
Manama, Bahrain capital (and only town) has a few interesting buildings.
* Image 1
The screw…
* Image 2
The Four Seasons Hotel
* Image 3
The World Trade Center
* Image 4-6
Bahrain Fort

Not as richer as UAE, doesn’t really fell the wealth, even if they are not poor….
Unfortunately, we had rainy, windy, cold weather (15C/59F)…. did not really enjoy our time here…


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