Around Perth (November 2005)

Went by myself for 10 days in Western Australia, to see the WRC race. Why? Because it was the last race for Peugeot factory.
My trip was great, rented a car and drove around Perth, in a layback attitude…. just like Perth…

Too bad I could not find anyone to come with me…
I had a very small camera, so my photos are not good quality.
My favorite driver Marcus Gronholms, for his last race with Peugeot did not finish the race cry

Perth and vicinity

I did not really spend much time in Perth, because I was driving around to discover as much I could….
This said, I was please with what I saw, I love Australia anyway…. Most of the time I was the only one driving on the road, so no traffic jump.
And people are so friendly…
Did not spend enough time, need to go back..
Perth is not a vibrant city like Melbourne or Sydney, very quite….
Twice I was close to have a accident by driving on the wrong side of the road…

No, I did not walk all the 1000 km (622 mil) but just a few bit of it. It is one of the worlds longest walking trail, and easy to walk. just follow the yellow triangle with the black snake….
The landscape changes over the length of the trail, that make it so interesting.
You can walk and camp, or have buses that will wait for you at the end of the day, so you have different possibilities to walk the Bibbulumn trail.
For more info go to

On the trail you can see a few deadly snackes..

That was great, if you know me, you know how much I love car races… because I used to be a race car mechanic…..
As I wrote earlier, my favorite driver Marcu G. has to retired from the race due to a broken suspension. But, guess what? When he tried to repair his car on the road shoulder, I was there… Wanted to help him, but, unfortunately, couldn’t, it is again the rules….
I could not see “the service park in action” because it was too far from the stages