Baku (June 2018)

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. I don’t know why, but I had a strong wish to visit Baku. I was not disappointed!!
Such a beautiful city and so clean. One of the cleanest city I have seen in the world.
No wonder why they host a Formula 1 grand prix

Stayed only 2 days cry, need to go back!!

Typical old town…. but so clean!!


The Town

I was very please by Baku. The first photo is the carpet museum where not only we can see all carpets but also how to make a carpet.

Photos 2-4 are from a cemetery. But, it is a special cemetery. Not only you need to apply to the government to be buried there, but, your grave need to have a special sculpture, it is like an open museum..

Honestly, none…… 

Land on fire and mud volcanos

* Azerbaijan means land of fire.
Azerbaijan has a huge reserve of natural gas and oil. High pressure cause underground gas to leak out through gaps in the ground. Imagine turning a gas knob on! Ignite the gas and you will see flames produces. The flames continue to burn as long as the gas flows.
* Mud volcanos
Azerbaijan has the most mud volcanos of any country, spread broadly across the country.
Mud volcanos are often formed at points of weakness in the earth’s crust. They are often associated with geologically young sedimentary deposits and the presence of organic gas from hydrocarbon deposits.

Wanted to see big flames….tongue-out