Baku (June 2018)

Beijing, China Skyline

I was so happily surprised by Baku. What a nice, safe and so clean city.
Azerbaijan means land of fire. Natural gas(Methane) out from under ground and get on fire when it reaches the surface as it get contact with oxygen…. so we can see “land on fire”. Sometime, methane doesn’t get on fire, but, thanks on its heat, melt the ground and create ” mud volcanos”, where, if you want, take a warm mud bath…..
Baku is very modern, and wants to “attract” many rich tourists from Dubai…..
Baku as an “hall of fame” cemetery where only famous people can be burred with government approval. Each grave is a piece of art, it is like walking into a museum….
I stayed only 2 days, need to go back and spend more time…


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