Brazil FIFA World Cup (June 2014)

It was my first FIFA world cup, and what a trip!!!!!
* The friendly Brazilian people
* The victory from France vs Honduras
* The organization
* The day in Rio de Janeiro
* The food
Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Was in Brazil for one week, not enough, need to go back!!!

France vs Honduras (3-0)

What a PARTY:
The night before, the walk to the stadium, the game, the walk back from the stadium, the night after the game…. That was fantastic!!!

I lost my voice, don’t know why….tongue-out

Porto Alegre, where the first French game was, is the capital city of the state of Rio Grando Do Sur.
The people were so, so friendly!!!!! And. of course, everyone dances in the streets!!

Not a bad town, but not much to see… and not “so vibrant ” compare to the rest of Brazil. I was told it is because of the geographical isolated location, way south of Brazil…. 

Rio de Janeiro

I could not go to Brazil and not going to Rio, absolutely unthinkable!
So, just spent 1 day in Rio.
* In the morning want to Copacabana Beach, to buy the ticket to go to Christ the Redeemer. Copacabana Beach, what a nice location to buy tickets….tongue-out
honestly, I don’t understand why this statue is one of the 7 Worls Wonders… I saw all of them, and it is, for me, the less impressive. But, the view of Rio bay, is absolutely amazing!!
* At night had just enough time to see the Game France vs Switzerland (5-2) on a big screen on Copacabana beach…. Once again, what a nice location to have the FIFA Fan Fest!! When the game ended, took a taxi and rushed to Rio airport, back to California

To find a reasonable place to stay in Rio, even for 1 night, was not easy….
Spent only 1 day, need to go back, to see the Sugar Loaf ….