Brittany (August 22-27 2022)

Beijing, China Skyline

1) Golfe du Morbihan Was very nice, stayed at my cousin’s house, and had her son for guide…. We saw the multi-million $$$$ houses…. plan to buy one…tongue-out 2) Vannes Nice town with its wall and garden 3) L’isle Houat. No car allowed on this island, so on foot or bicycle. There is a trail all around the island 17km (12 miles), but, after 10Km it was time to get back to the ferry. What a good excuse for not walking the complete tour….. 4) Lorient the submarines bunkers Was built during WWII for the German submarines U-Boats. # bunkers were built, the K3 is a museum, the others are for rent for companies who work with the boating business. Those bunkers are a master piece of Engineering, there were built to resist the English plane bombs, and they did. Absolutely amazing. Google can give you much more info about those bunkers f you are interested 5) Lorient the sailing race boats. All the boats we saw were designed and built to race for races around the world. All are a master piece of Engineering. So impressive!

Did not spend enough time….. need to come back!!

Le Golfe du Morbihan

L’isle de Houat

Lorient K3 submarine bunker

Lorient, the sailing race boats


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