Chamonix, the Mountain Climbing World Capital (August 2022)

Beijing, China Skyline

Day 1:
Went to Aiguille du midi, then Italy
That was absolutely fantastic!!!!! The view from Aiguille du Midi, or from the small gondolas between France and Italy above the glaciers, is amazing. Plus we had blue sky!!
Day 2:
Went to “le lac blanc” by taking the “La Flegere” cable car.
it took 4 1/2 hr to hike to the lake, and along the way, the view over the Mt Blanc chain is absolutely fantastic, facing Aiguille de Midi from the previous day.

It was very warm, 2C at elevation 2870m (35F at 9400 feet) and the glaciers are melting!!!!cry
If you don’t believe in global warming, come to Chamonix… but hurry, before the glaciers melt completely!!!


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