Doha (January 2016)

Beijing, China Skyline

I went to Doha 3 times, because my second son had internship at Aspetar/Aspire.
Aspire is an indoor multi sport facility complex with 7 outdoor football (soccer) fields, and Aspetar is the world third largest football (soccer) players medical center. To work at Aspetar, you must come from a professional sport team. You meet athletes from all over the world in a luxury/modern/high-tech center. Absolutely AMAZING!!
Doha is not a vibrant town, like Dubai, but I like it. Will be different after the 2022 FIFA world cup, they invested a lot of money for this event….

When I was there it was not expensive, except, of course all the luxury items, which are most it in Qatar….

The 3 times I was there, was in January, so the temperature was perfect 22C (71F), but it can be very very hot in the summer…..


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