Hiroshima (May 2024)

Unfortunately world famous, Hiroshima is a clean, not too busy town with good public transportation. My favorite Japanese city
The political world leaders, when they frighten to launch nuclear missiles should come here and see the atrocity caused by the bomb. Peace on Earth!!!

Hired a guide for a free walking tour (I do recommend it) where I learned in details the atomic bombing story. The A-Dome (for atomic dome) is on one side of the river, on the other side there is peace garden, with a lot of monuments related to the bombing.
* Picture 1: The T bridge
It was the target were to drop the bomb
* Picture 2: Photo of the A-Dome before the bombing
This building was the Hiroshima prefectural Commercial Exhibition Hall.
* Picture 3: Photo taken after the bombing
* Picture 4: The ground 0 street
* Picture 5: Photo of the hospital after the bombing that was at the epicenter.
* Picture 6: Monument dedicated to the people who worked for the gas company and all died after the bombing.
* Picture 7: Mr Eizo Nomura
A ground 0 survivor of the bombing. Please go to Google to learn about his unbelievable story.
* Picture 8: The children memorial for all the children who died during the bombing.
* Picture 9: A memorial to all the Korean people who died during the bombing.
* Picture 10: The flame of peace.
This flame will be turn off when no more nuclear weapons will be active in the world. Unfortunately, this wish will never come true!! cry
* Picture 11: The bombing victims memorial.
This building lines up perfectly with the flame of pace and the A-Dome
* Picture 12-13: The A-Dome


Obviously, it has been rebuilt after the bomb, so it is a “new castle”. But for me, the most interesting thing was the tree… the only tree that survived the bombing….
* Picture 1: the castle before the bombing
* Picture 2: The castle after the bombing
* Picture 3: The castle from the outside
* Picture 4: The castle entrance
* Picture 5: A sign that explains this tree bombing survival
* Picture 6: The tree after the bombing
Picture 7: The tree now. It has been amazing that this tree did not die after the bombing like all the other trees
* Picture 8: The castle now

No much to see in this castle…

Miyajima Island

A must see! Famous for:
* The Giant Orange Torii Gate that weight 60T. Japan landmark with Mt Fuji. So beautiful especially at high tide.
* Deers are everywhere and are not shy….
* Mt Misen. The view from the top over Hiroshima Bay is absolutely fantastic. Need to take a cable car to reach the top.

When we arrived it was low tide. Goog because we can see the whole Torii. When we left, it was rising tide. So I misses the best time, high tide….
The weather was not so good, rain showers all day….

Hiroshima transportation

Took the Japanese high speed train Shin Kan Sen fro Osaka to Hiroshima round trip. The good thing of Japanese trains, they are always on time, and every 15 mn you have a train. So convenient!!
Hiroshima has also a good public transportation, bus, subway and “street car” or tram. Very convenient, you can go everywhere. One lie has the train from the bombing area, see photo…. And it is very cheap!!!

The Shin Kan Sen is not cheap…. 125USD for a 1 hr ride from Osaka to Hiroshima…