Israel, from my different trips

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The main reason people go to Israel, is for a ‘religion tour”, with so much history…
On this post I put photos of Haifa Gardens, The old city of Jerusalem, a couple photos of Masada fortress, a sign of the water level at the dead sea, and one photo of Tel Aviv.
1) Haifa gardens
Very nice, but, if you want to go there, make sure to start your visit from the top to the bottom, more than 1500 steps….
2) Jerusalem
what can I say about Jerusalem????
* I can live anywhere in the world, but not Jerusalem… I felt “oppressed” by the religion, not a good feeling for me
* Going to Jerusalem and learn the history of Jerusalem, the Christ last day, a wall that to separate East Jerusalem (for the Palestinians) and all those peoples from different religions, who must live together, but HATE each others….
* It is difficult to describe Jerusalem, as it is so unique.
3) The fortress of Masada.
The ones who built it, 2000 years ago, where good architects
4) Dead Sea
The lowest point on hearth, every year get lower by 1m (3ft), if the canal from the Res Sea is not built by 2050, they think the Dead Sea won’t exist anymore. yes I floated in the water, and put some black mud all over my body
5) Tel Aviv
I move tomorrow to Tel Aviv, what a vibrant town, and what a contrast with Jerusalem. very modern, very open mind, nice sea coast, I love it!

Security, Security, Security

every building, shopping center… you enter you need to go through security with metal detector….


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