Kitzbuher race (January 2020)

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Kitzbuhel, Tyrol, Austria, a small ski resort, which, every third weekend of January becomes famous and crazy.
If you are in the ski world, indeed, you heard about the ski race in Kitzbuhel, the most… the most… dangerous, fastest, biggest crowd (more than 80 000) well known for its crazyness.. a dream for each downhill skier to win. If you win it, you are in the legend!!!
There are 3 races over the weekend:
* Super G on Friday
* Downhill on Saturday
* Slalom on Sunday
All weekend long, there is a big party in Kitzbuhel…. That was fantastic, nice weather, not too cold, great show.

Even if you book your hotel in another city than Kitzbuhel, it is very very expansive. You almost need to kook a year in advance….


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