Kuala Lumpur (August 6-10 2023)

KL is an interesting moder town, with a multicultural community, the Malay / Chinese / Indian. * KL is a safe city, even at night * KL, like Malaysia is “food paradise” * KL has multiple luxury shopping malls * KL has a good subway network * Life is so unexpensive in KL For the best view of the Petronas Twin Towers at night, go to SkyBar at the Traders hotel
Is it too bad KL is under rated, because it should be on the South Asia travel list. If you like free sauna, that the place to be, year around, hot and humid…

Batu Caves is the most Indu shrines outside India. The Indu temple is the most colorful temple I have even seen, so beautiful. The caves, are not under ground but in the mountain, and are huges. Best of all, the visit is free!!

To reach the caves, you need to climb 272 steps…

KL Butterfly Park

It is one of the world largest butterfly park. Very to see them at “the feeding stations”
Watch your steps! they are all over, even on the alleys….

The main feature that distinguishes KL Bird Park from any other birds park is the concept of free-flight. So you can see birds flying around you.
The park has more than 3,000 birds representing more than 2,000 species.
The perfect stop for birds lovers

Not all the birds are free to fly, some are in cages….