Kyoto (May 2024)

Kyoto is the former Japan capital, so it has a lot of history.
As usual, taking the subway or JR is the best option to navigate in Japanese cities.

Unfortunately, it was during the Golden Week… too many people yell
I did not have enough time to go to Gion district, where the Geishas are, but, I saw one!!!!
I was told to go to a traditional Tea Ceremony. To my opinion, not interesting, except, if you book with the Kimonos, you will have the opportunity to wear a kimono and take nice photos

The Philosopher Path

i was told to walk on this path, and that was a good advice. At least you are away from the crowd, very peaceful walk
I missed the cherry blossom…

Sanjudangen  temple

The outside shape of the temple is….basic, but, the aligned statues are really beautiful, with the big Boudah in the middle

We can’t take photos from inside the temple. So the “big photo” and the four photos from the grid are from Google image. Too bad because it is beautiful to see all those statues perfectly aligned…

Fushimi Inari Temple

That is really a nice temple, and, based on its color and shape, it is very unique.
A tip? go during day and nighttime….
Stayed at the Moxy hotel (by Marriott) and I do recommend this hotel. Price, cleanliness, staff, breakfast…. and, especially, the location: 5mn walk from the JR line and the subway line

Saw it during day and nighttime. Obviously, during daytime is better, so, too many tourists yell

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and Garden

For me not so much…… The Garden is nicer and less crowded than the Bamboo Forest

As you can see on the photos, too many people…. For me, I don’t appreciate a site when it is too crowded, and it is just bamboosssssssss tongue-out