Mexico trip (July 24-31 2022)

I lived in Mexico City in 2000/2001, so it was great to go back, walking on memory lane…. I like Mexico, and the “authentic” Mexican food…

Summer is the rainy season……

Still a vibrant city!!
Stayed in Zocalo, for 3 nights only..
spend a 1/2 day at Teotihuacan (the pyramids),
Spent 1/2 day at the Virgin of Guadalupe…..
Spent 1/2 day walking around Zocalo
With French friends who live in Mexico City, took a boat ride at Xochimilco… As you can see, a busy 3 days trip, but was worse it!!
Zocalo, was closed due to Covid….
I was looking forward to see all the activities (especially the Aztec’s dance playing drums)…but, seeing Zocalo empty was sad…

Guanajato is a UNESCO world Site Heritage. It is built over an old mine, with a lot of tunnels. It is the most colorful city in Mexico, went alredy 3 times there to see the WRC Mexican rally, around 15 years ago.
It is not really an international tourist destination, so it is really cheap…
I do recommend the “Meson de los Poetas” well located in the center of the old town in a typical lovely Mexican style

It was the rainy season, rain every day, mostly end of afternoon