Osaka (April 28-30 2024)

Beijing, China Skyline

It was not my first trip to Japan, but the first one for vacation…. Until this trip, I did not really like the Japanese food, but this trip changed my mind. Osaka is full of pedestrian streets packed with small restaurants. Restaurants are everywhere!!!
If, for some of them, the menu is only in Japanese, most of them have the “plastic dishes” on display, that helps a lot….
Namba Yasaka Lion head temple is a cool place to see…
If the urge underground shopping malls/metro station are crowded, the roads are not. Did not see too many cars on the road…
Japan is expensive, but, I knew it before coming…

Kuchu Teien Observatory

Dotombori District

Osaka Tower

Namba Yasaka Shrine Lion

Osaka food

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  1. claudine trabuc

    Hello! It s Claudine and I want to say hello! Stay safe in your trip!
    I just traveled 4 months to 9 countries! Are we friends on fb?


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