Peru trip (November 2016)

Went to Peru to vist the Machu Picchu, obviously…..
Spent only a week, but, it was great. The people, the food, the landscape, even the weather…. Good trip
Spent only a week, did not have time to go soemwhere else beside Machu Picchu, need to go back to Peru….

Spent only 1/2 day in lima….. Visited the President Palace, and had a good dinner….

Spent only 1/2 a day…. did not have time to see much….

I liked it very much!
Cusco was, a long time ago the capital of the Incas
1 day is enought to see most of the city, but, there are a lot of tours from Cusco to see around the city, like the Incas Sacre valley
Cusco is at an elevation of 3,400m (11,150 ft) so, be aware of it……

One of the seven World Wonders!!
And I agree! Absolutely fantastic.
The most important is the weather, because it is very often cloudy. Luckly, we had fog in the morning, as you can see on the photos, but much better weather in the afternoon.


It is not easy to go to Mach Picchu.
* Fly to Lima
* From Lima fly to cusco.
* From Cusco take the train to Aqua Calientes
* From Aqua Calientes take the bus to the Machu Picchu
* Same way to go back to Lima. It takes a week to do that with the fly oversea flight.
Would have been nice to stay longer in Peru…