Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

It was my third FIFA World Cup, and I enjoyed it!!!
A lot of “bad things” were told about this world cup, but, the organization was well done. Beside the flight and accommodation, the rest was cheap, especially transportation: Free subway pass and bus pass, that was great!!!
What was great also, for the very first time, the whole competition was in 1 city, so, it was easy to meet with all the fan from around the world!!
Before coming here, I thought it will be a boring World Cup compared to Brazil or Russia. But it was not. Good time in Qatar!!
Regarding the world cup organization, 2 things could have been done better:
* Too many Apps to download
* Lodging was expensive (normal) but difficult to book
* It was hot!!! Fortunately, the nights were cooler

Game Day (France VS Australia) 4-1 Allez les Bleus!!!

The Vibes, the Emotion, the Excitement, the Passion, in a beautiful stadium, with a France victory, what can be better? 

The game was at 22.00, so arrive at the hotel at 2.00….

I liked Doha before coming (based on my past 2 trips) and I still like it!!
A very clean and safe city!

Even at this time of the year it was very hot!!

Katara beach and cultural village

It is a place where rich people hang out on weekend. Very clean place, like all Doha

A lot of animations were there for the world cup, that was good, but too crowded!

With the fans from all around the world

This is what I like the most about the FIFA World Cup. Meeting people from all around the world, and talk about ONLY 1 thing. Football> Because, who care about the rest????


Zafaran Fans Village Cabins

It was not easy to book an accommodation during the world cup, and it was very expensive….
So, I booked a bungalow at a fan village. What could it be? Well, not so bad!
They built a complete “village” with well-equipped bungalows as rooms (see the last 4 photos), a lobby, a pharmacy, a supermarket, a restaurant for breakfast, a laundry room, and a giant TV screen where we could see live game with a nice sitting area.
That was nicely put together. On top of that, because we were isolated, we had 24/7 free buses to the subway station. Well Done!!

With 1,440 bungalows in the village, the few maintenance guys were very busy, don’t expect to come soon to fix your issue….