RAINFOREST CHALLENGE (Ipoh December 1-11 2023)

Absolutely amazing! This year the event was taking place north of Ipoh.
It supposed to replace the Camel Trophy. Unfortunately, I did not have authorization to go to the jungle, so, my photos were taken on the first day and last day, the only 2 days the race is open to the public. Those drivers are very brave, and, the co-driver, who need constantly to hook up the hoist to pull the car out from…. let’s say…. a bad situation… from mud, water,….
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I don’t criticize sport amateur events…

3 kinds of car can compete in this race:
* Production 4×4 with only safety modifications
* Production 4×4 with modifications
* Prototype 4×4, basically, anything you want…
The drivers are not professional drivers, so everyone is nice, except the Russians…..

I don’t criticize sport amateur events…

Needed to determine the race days start order.
If the stages are very short, that doesn’t mean they are easy…..

A ;ittle bit muddy….. tongue-out

The Camp at Lata Felda Lawin Selatan


According to the contestants, this camp was like “Club Med” for them……
Because for a week they were in the middle of the jungle, in almost a survival mode…..
The camp has a cantina, a tent for medical purpose, a tent for the local police, a tent for the race administration, a tent for the Marshalls…. all you need to organize such event..

I don’t criticize sport amateur events…

What was great is the fact that this last day was open to the public. Because when they race in the jungle, special authorization is needed. A lot of dramas, a lot of actions, a lot of water (around and in the car), the typical recipe for the RFC…tongue-out

3 contestants broke their car during the last day. So sad……

Closing Ceremony

For me, the 2 “best trophies”
* For the youngest driver, he was only 18 and 2 months from Thailand (photo 1)…. And his mother is Thai champion…. (photo 2) It is in the family…
* The trophy for the dream that came true…
2 Chinese men dreamed to participate at this race for years, and this year, they finally did it, at 70+ for both of them. (photo 3)
As we say:
My hat off!!!

The 3 Vietnam’s Teams got a trophy for the Team best spirit. Well deserved!!
Russia could have won easily the trophy for the team with the worse spirit. Always arguing . Such a bad attitude….
Russia had 4 cars, and one of them won the race. In a fair way? Not according the Thai team who finished second and did not accept their trophy because they claimed they won.
I don’t know all the details, but, what I DID see, was the Russian arguing / threatening with the Marshalls…. Sometime, the police had to come over to calm them down…. Not surprising from them. You can disagree with me, just ask what most of the country the Russian go on vacation, what they thing of them….