Siem Reap (August 20-25 2023)

So many things to see/do in Siem Reap. It is not only about Angkor What.
So many temples. water falls, birds parks, iconic markets…. A week is not enough to see Siem Reap and its vicinity….
Good addresses in Siem Reap?
* Hotel
Bayon Moder Residence
* Restaurant
So may on Pub Street, but Khmer Kitchen is a good one
* Something sweet after lunch/dinner.
Brownie Temple Bakery
* Travel agency and ask for Makara to be your tour guide.
* Spa Massage
Bodia Sap on Pub Street
Siem Reap, like the rest of the country and the South East Asia has been hammered hard with Covid, and they don’t have fully recovered. According to a few people I talked to, the Asian tourists (especially Chinese) are not back yet. -40% compare to before Covid. Some activities are still closed. Very sad…
Compare to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, restaurants are expensive….
It was hot and humid…

Must be on your travel list!

Why isn’t part of the 7 world wonders?

It is in a good shape, and from the road, we have a nice view of the whole temple.
I guess, the people who were living in this temple when it was built, were small and skinny…
The halls are very narrow with low ceiling, watch your head…

The temple by itself, is not impressive, mostly in ruins.
But, those giant trees growing over the stones/walls/buildings are amazing. So impressive and so unique.
Moter nature is taking back what humans took from her….. and that is good!

There is some ongoing renovation in the temple, but, not enought to my opinion.

Pre Rup Temple

This temple has a “different style” that make it unique….

Not only there are a lot of stairs to reach to top of the temple, the steps are pretty high….frown

Phnom Kulen National Park

I was told, if I go to Siem Reap and see something else beside temples, I need to book a day tour Phnom Kulen National Park. That was a good advise!
On the way we stopped in a small village to see the Nom Akor cakes made, and it was very interesting, and they are very good!
Then, we stopped to see the 1000 linga, difficult to see when the water level is high and the water color not clear, like today, due to previous heavy rain.
Then, we stopped at “the view point” to take the “tourist photo”…
Then the sleeping buddha
And finally the water fall. That was fantastic!
The tour was organized by Asean Angkor Guide, with Makara as our tour guide, and I recommend them. (

Not much, everything was great!

Teuk Chob Khnar Po Forest

When I was doing my research on what to do/see in Siem Reap beside the temples, I found an article from a woman saying that:
If you want to get outside the crowd for 1/2 day, visit this park. Very relaxing. Guess what, she was right? And, if you want to go for underground spider hunting, you won’t be disapointed…..
Nothing bad to say…. except it is sad to see where they are now compared to before Covid.
They are almost forgotten…. too bad, because the people from this camp are very nice.

Siem Reap floating village and floating forest

For me, a floating village, is on the water, like Thailand….. Not in this case, doesn’t mean it is not interesting…. The houses are built high to be safe during flooding season.
On the way we can switch boat, to take a very small one to ride in the floating forest. I have been in similar places, but this one is unique and very quite.
On the small boat during the floating forest ride, we can have only 2 passengers. If you are a family, you need to book multiple. When on the boat, don’t move during the ride, because the boat can flip over very easily, trust me…… by experience……