Touring France (August 2022)

5000 Kms/3800mil in one month. A lot of driving..
But, we saw a lot of sites, monuments, landscapes and it was so beautiful!!!!

August in France, the worse month, too crowded!! and so hot!!!

Champagne Wineries

Champagne from Champagne, France, not sparkling wine….

We visited 2 wineries, Moet & Chandon and Mercier.
It was great to see how they store the bottles of Champagne in their underground caves. (More than 22km/15mil long…)
We learned the history of Moet & Chandon, the most prestigious Champagne. And Mercier, the highest Champagne low-cost volume. 2 different companies, 2 different strategies, but the same “savoir faire” to produce Champagne every yea

At the end of the visit, you can drink a glass of Champagne, included in the visit price. Can’t tell you if it was a good one or not, I don’t drink alcohol….

Chamonix, the Mountain Climbing World Capital

Day 1:
Went to Aiguille du Midi, then took a gondola to Italy. It was absolutely fantastic!!! As you can see on the photos, beautiful weather.
Day 2:
Went to “le Lac Blanc” by taking La Flegere cable car , then 2hr hike to the lake. On the way to the lac, the view over the Mont Blanc mountains is absolutely amazing!!
It was very warm, 2C at 2870m (35F at 9400Ft) so the glaciers are melting!!!!cry
If you don’t believe in global warming, come to Chamonix, but hurry, before the glaciers melt completely!!!

Normandy D Day Beaches

Very emotional visit….
For sure, the French WWII biggest battle!! Everything is well preserved. Don’t forget to visit one of the American cemetery.
If you look for a good AirBnB, while you travel in “Haute Normadie”, stop at “La Noisette” in Foucarmont. The room, the host, the breakfast are so good.

As everywhere we went, too crowded…. 

The Redoutable submarine

The Redoutable was the first french nuclear submarine, lauched in 1967, and is, currently, the only nuclear submarine we can visit in the world….
She lays down at La citee de la Mer in Cherbourg, France. Very interesting visit, and thanks to the headset, you can have all the submarines details during the visit.

They removed the nuclear engine room…. even if I can understand why….

The French most visited site!!!
It is very famous, because at high tide, it becomes an island, and at low tide, it is connected by land to the shore. Also, what make it special, at this area we have the European fastest tide. The speed can reach a running horse, so, it can be dangerous to hang around…..

DON’T go durring summer holiday!!

* Image 1-5 l’isle d’Houat
No car allowed on the island, so on foot or by bicycle.. There is a 17km/11mil trail around the island, but, after 10 Km it was time to get back to the last ferry. What a good excuse not to walk the complete 17km…. tongue-out
* Image 6-10 Town of Vannes
Nice town famous for its garden, wall and old town..
* Image 7-13 Golfe du Morbihan
Stayed at my cousin vacation home, and had hes son as guide cool. As everywhere, as soon you have ocean view, you see nice and expensive houses…. Haven’t decided, yet, which one to buy..tongue-out

Did not spend enough time, need to go back…

Le Marais Poitevin 

Quit, Green, Clean, Peaceful, Romantic…. Fantastic!!
What do you want to ask for more?
If you plan to go there, stay at ” la vieille auberge”, it is a good choice.


Lorient ” La Base”, former WWII U-Boat submarines bunkers

This base was built during WWII for the German U-Boat submarines, and was, at that time, the largest/biggest submarine base in the world.
The K3 bunker is now a museum, the other ones are rented for boat activities supplies.
Those bunkers were designed and built to resist to the English bombs, and they did. That was, at that time, a Engineering Marvel. Go to Google, for more info, so impressive!!
The last 5 images show sailing boats that are docked in Lorient. Those boats are all racing boats, and most of them have already won a race. Fabulous!!

Too bad we can’t visit one of those sailing boat, even if I can understand why…