Train through Maeklong Market (July 2018)

Beijing, China Skyline

I head about this train, I saw it, and I was not disappointed.
This is what happens when the local people don’t want to move the market away…. Why should they?
They have a nice routine, 6 times a days. When they hear the whistle of the security guard, they have 3 mn to move “their stuff” out of the train track. And they know one thing, the train won’t stop for them…
As you can see on the photos, there is not much space between the train and the people (mostly tourist like me) and the goods…. What is interesting is to see how fast the merchants move away and back to the train track their goods, they are clever and well train to do that
The train moves at the speed of a walking person
Don’t be stupid, don’t get too close to the train to take the perfect photo. remember, the train won’t stop for you, and every year a few stupid tourist get hurt

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  1. Jay Xiong

    I was there 4 years ago.


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