Turkey trip (September 4-14 2022)

Turkey was great, was my second time. There are a lot of things to see in Turkey…..

It was too hot!!! did not htime ave to see everything I wanted to see, need to go back for one month and have a road trip….

What a vibrant city. Was there 11 years ago, and, it is pretty much the same. I did a cruise on the Bosporus canal and walk a lot. The Grand Bazar is still amazing!!
It was hot, too hot for a long walk…..
Traffic jumps are…. quite…. impressive…..
I did not see any night Turkish night dance show…next time

I wanted to go to Cappadocia for so long…..
Was not disappointed. The landscape is absolutely amazing.
I can recommend The Artemis Cave hotel in Goreme. Not the cheapest one, but, the view, the location, the room… everything was great

It was hot, too hot!!!
I booked an air balloon ride, but had to cancelled it the last minute….cry I need to go back….

Was there 11 years ago, and, as far I can remember, this time was more water, more big pools…. Much better.
I can recommend Hotel Sahin, regarding ration price/quality/location, you won’t find better
Too hot and too crowded, was still high season…