Ubud, Bali (February 5-11 2023)

Was great to be back to Ubud, last time I was here was 2017, it is still so green, no too expensive, even if a few activities/shops raised their prices after covid….. The food is great, and if you go to “a local restaurant” where the tourists don’t go, it is very cheap…. Stayed at Kori Ubud Resort (north of Ubud) and price/quality/location/staff were very good. On top of that, everyone speak English here…. easy communication
It was the rainy season… so rain ecery night and end of afternoon, but, it helped to keep the temperature cool… Traffic in Ubud, even entire Bali is terrible, lot of scooters try to share the narrow roads with the cars…..

Tegallalang Rice Terasses

Not too far from Ubud, has many entrances, we can spend the whole day… so green, so nice…
We got robbed at the entrance…. The entrance fee was much higher than what it should have been, but, for the “rich foreigners”…. the price was X5 the original….

Legon Danse

Very nice/colorful costumes!! The show is 1h15mn and cost only 7$
A little bit boring…..

SPAN celebration

SPAN is an Indu religious celebration. Was not expected to see “the parade” on the road, but it was great!!
Still don’t understand what SPAN is about….

Tirta Empul Temple

This temple is very famous, because Holly water runs through the Temple. So, usually people take a bath in the pool and pray
Due to the Holly Water, it is one of the most crowded temple….