Zhangjiajie National Park “AVATAR”. (March 28-29 2024)

The Pinnacles



I haven’t seen the movie AVATAR, but, I saw Zhangjiajie National Park where James Cameron casted that movie. Since then, this park is very famous, and I understand why… so beautiful
To see the pinnacles from “the top” you need to take an elevator or a cable car. The prices for those 2 are not included in the park entrance fee.
It was on a week day, and was very crowded..frown
Stayed only 1 day in the park, need at least 2 days…

The Glass Bridge


The tallest glass bridge in the world, so cool…

So cool and so scary…….

The “Grand Canyon” walk on the 3km wood brige

I strongly recommend this walk. Nice, peaceful and not crowded.
The 2 boats rides, at the beginning and at the end are too short…