Chengdu (March 23-27 2024)

Beijing, China Skyline

First of all, the panda reserve center and the irrigation system are free for senior citizens. What a good idea!!!
* What can I say about the pandas? They are so cute!!!!!
* Leshan Buddha.
A UNESCO World Site Heritage. The world tallest outside sitting Buddha. Impressive!!!
* Anshun Bridge. So beautiful at night
* Hunaglongxi Ancient town.
The small river running through the city adds a lot of charm to the city…
* Dujiangyan Irrigation System.
The oldest irrigation system in China
China is not anymore a tourist friendly country. Not because of the people, but everything you want to buy or pay, you need to scan a QR code. Easy for the Chinese, not easy for the foreigners….

Panda Reserve

Leslan Buddah

Anshun Bridge and Hunaglongxi Ancient City

Dujiangyan Irrigation System


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