Dubai (January 2018)

Beijing, China Skyline

I was looking for ” a good reason” to go to Dubai… and I found one! See the 24hr car race of Dubai. That was great, because, security almost didn’t exist, so I was able to go anywhere around the track, even in the garages. I took a few infra red photos, thanks to my FLIR one camera…. Beside the race, was nice to spend a few days in Dubai, went on the top of the Khalifa Tower, of course, had a afternoon indoor ski, of course, not as good as the Alpes, but was OK. Dubai at night is very nice….

Had a afternoon 4×4 ride in the sand dunes, wasted money….. Maybe good for someone who hasn’t been in the desert before….
I was expecting to see a lot of luxury sport cars in the streets of Dubai, but I did not…frown Maybe I did not go to the right locations…


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