Da Lat (December 26-30 2023)

Beijing, China Skyline

The weather! The weather! The weather!
so good! 20C+ during the day, little bit cooler at night, no humidity, no need to have A/C on.. Love the weather. Da Lat is at an elevation of 1500m in the mountains, with a lot of flowers.
The traffic is not as crazy at Saigon, so no traffic jumps…. Da Lat was mainly built by the French, so the houses architecture is very different than the rest of the country. You don’t fell being in Asia..
A good place to stay? The brick house hotel. Ratio price/quality of the room and the service is great. I do recommend this hotel.
* Photo 1 The night market, where you want to have at least one dinner
* Photo 2-3 Datanla waterfall. Not the best one in Da Lat, but the closest one from the city
* Photo 4-6 The Linh Phuoc Padoga. Absolutely beautiful, and it is free..
* Photo 7-9 The crazy house. Yes!!! It is really an crazy architecture…
* Photo 10-11 An antic train (for tourists) but worse the ride…
Not much…..
It is Vietnam honeymoon city.. I have seen more romantic cities…


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